About Ciao! Holidays

Ciao! Holidays is a full-featured travel platform for your holidays in Italy. Its goal is to provide the traveller with all the necessary information about Italy and resources to travel to and from it.

A good way to start your trip through our website is the Destinations page. Here we have gathered the most well-known and popular places in Italy. For those of you that would like to see and experience something different we have selected places that may not be as famous but are with no doubts unique and undeniably worth-visiting.

On the Hotels page, we have collected the best hotels around the country and our powerful hotel search engine will find for you the very best accommodation prices.

Under the following pages you will find all the information you need about the most common methods of travelling to and from Italy, as well as within the country, such as airplanes, including a flight search and comparison engine. Last but not least, we did not forget to include an online shop to give you before your holidays a small taste about Italy's great food products as well as some useful travel literature and DVDs.

We would like you to experience Italy as if you were already there. On our Travel Blog you can read about restaurants, excursions or cities we have recently visited and events we have recently attended and would like to recommend you.

Have a lot of fun and enjoy your holidays in Italy!