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Fast CAM fully automatic nesting software

Feature code:

Main Function of FastCAM nesting software: CAD drawing, nesting, cutting programming, NC program verification and simulation, statistics of steel material and processing cost, NC and DXF/CAM/NC files conversion etc.

Main function of FastCAM drawing module:

  • Simple and convenient CAD drawing.
  • AutoCAD optimization,solve problems of repeated cutting, cutting circle not round or cutting not closed, cutting machine jitterand and so on.
  • DXF/DWG graphics extraction, scattering and sorting: automatic and efficient connection between AutoCAD software and FastCAM software, batch loading of DXF/DWG drwaings.
  • Batching cutting process functions: cutting seam automatic compensation, automatic fillet, outer corners/bullnose programming.
  • Efficient cutting: any bridge cutting/chain cutting specially developed for plasma and laser cutting, matrix and chain cutting nesting for common line/chain cutting

Funtion of FastNEST module:

  • Multi nesting files including DXF/DWG/CAM/NC.
  • Single or batch read or load of files for fast automatic nesting.
  • Setting of automatic nesting of parts by rows, lines and matrix.
  • Edit and manage the remaining sheet and nesting of remaining or irregular sheets.
  • Automatic continous nesting of single and multi template.
  • Manually interactive nesting, the parts can be moved, rotated and turned freely.
  • Automatic common –line nesting: designed for flame, plasma, laser and waterjet cutting.
  • Plasma bridge cutting: specially for plasma, laser and waterjet cutting.