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FD11-350NG narrow gap welding head

Feature code:
  • High efficiency welding of medium and heavy plates. 
  • Low comprehensive production costs
  • High qualification rate of weld flaw detection
  • Good mechanical properties of welded joints 
  • Intelligent change of weld beads
  • Automatic deslagging of circumferential welding.
  • Excellent sidewall melted function
  • Grouped mechanical tracking device
  • High precision deflection type narrow gap welding torch.
  • Compatbile with various brand of welding head
  • Friendly human-machine interface
  • Intelligent control system

Groove depth (mm) 


Groove angle (°)   

circumferential: 1~2    Longitudinal: 3~5

Min. groove width (mm) 


Diameter of workpiece (mm)  

 inside welding::≥Φ2000    Outside welding:≥Φ600

Pass number per layer   

Two on one layer (single on the first layer)

Load capacity of cross slide (kg) 


Cross slide stroke (mm)  

Horizontal: 300     Vertical: 300

Cross slide speed (mm/min)  

0~600(Servo speed regulation)

Tracking accuracy (mm) 

Horizontal: ≤±0.2     Vertical: ≤±0.5

Deflection range of torch (°)  


Deflection speed of torch (r/min)


deflection accuracy (°)


Wier diameter (mm)

3.2 or 4.0

Wire straightening accuracy (mm)

≤±1 (extension length of welding wire is 40mm)

Rated current (A)

1000 or 1250

Duty cycle


Rated voltage (V) 


Preheating temperature(°C)

300(weld attachment)

Note: The above parameters are for TIME standard product configurations, and can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.