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Intelligent welding production management system

Feature code:

Basic function: 

Solve the problem of traditional welding industry(in the fields of boiler, pressure vessel, engineering machinery, and steel structureetc. oiler, pressure vessel, steel structure, engineering machinery etc.) like difficult collection of welding process data, low efficiency of welding production management process, welding quality guarantee, and decision analysis basis for welding production and so on.

Value of implementation:

1、Remote monitioring process and management of welding job at site, and in chare of the prodcution situation of the whole workshop in real time.
2、Remote control of the welding parameters. Parameters can be sent, stored and modified remotely to control the welding quality of key parts effectively. 
3、Tracking of historic welding parameters. Analyze the production information of each welding bead, including welding line energy, groove information, welding seam tracking information and welding seam image of different welding seam position etc.
4、Management of equipment and stuffs. Real-time control of the operation of each welding machine, and reasonable distribution of welding machines. It’s convenient for repairing and maintenance at the same time. Comprehensive assessment of workers can be achieved through the attendance system, switching time, effective welding time, welding parameter fluctuations and other indicators.

Technical means:

Perfect combination of welding equipment and Industrial Internet. It provides users with production management and after-sales service and other related help to improve the quality and efficiency through equipment data monitoring and friendly human-computer interace.

1、Each automatic welding and cutting equipment is equipped with high-performance PLC of network interface
2、The fixed work station adopts data exchange controller and the portable equipment adopts wireless transmitter to form a distributed control network
3、Industrial Computer for data acquisition and storage system, equipped with industrial liquid crystal display, using WINCC configuration software
4、It can connect 128 sets of automatic welding and cutting equipment, and share 50 sets of welding parameters