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The 2022 National Vocational College skill competition ended successfully!


On August 19 this year, The 2022 National Vocational College skill competition came to an end in Liaocheng, Shandong. 

In the 4-day practical competition, TIME welding machine successfully completed all tasks without any mistakes, which reflects the responsibility and level of a major brand in the welding industry!

After several days of fierce competition and game, the final results of the competition were revealed one by one. The final grades of the competition were revealed the Time’s popularity and approval, in the meantime the top five participants all use Time welding machine!
In the national vocational education competition for more than ten years, Time has always been the most loyal participant, service provider and has gained more support and recognition in the industry.

Time personnels and competition referees

Time welder will continue to silently support and serve all kinds of sports events. Meanwhile, "Time" will provide more personalized high-quality services to repay the care of the society!