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On the morning of January 13, 2023, Beijing Time Technology Co., Ltd. organized and held the 2023 annual work report meeting in Jinan Times New Era Technology Co., Ltd. The contents of the meeting include the summary of the work of each core department in 2022, the report of the work plan of each department in 2023, the speech of the group and industry leaders, and the evaluation and commendation of the advanced collectives and individuals in 2022. 

The heads of the welding machine industry, the welding and cutting department, the welding robot department, the welding export department, and the development, production, customer service and other major departments took the stage to speak in turn.They reported to the participants on the completion of the department's indicators, work perception, team building, etc. in 2022.Each department also introduced its overall work plan and vision for 2023, and announced its work objectives for 2023.

At the end of the meeting, Peng Weimin, Chairman of Time Group, made a speech on the stage. He affirmed the achievements of the welding machine industry in 2022, and pointed out the deficiencies in the industrial operation and management. In the meantime, he put forward a number of requirements and specified specific quantitative indicators for the welding machine industry at the height of the future development of the industry. His speech set the direction and goal for the welding machine industry in 2023, and also made all colleagues full of confidence and expectation for the future development of the enterprise!

The 2023 work report meeting ended in a happy and warm atmosphere! The meeting ignited the enthusiasm of all colleagues in the era to overcome difficulties and seize the opportunity, and stimulated everyone's high morale! In the 2023, people of the Time will set sail on the boat of creativity to explore the new field and new world!